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Our Rebel Red is proud to be different. It has been crafted to impart an exceptional Irish taste, creating a more accessible red ale that’s distinctively different. It offers the drinker a pronounced caramel and biscuit finish, together with a balanced hop/malt profile and a full mouthfeel. It is perfect for sharing with friends and pairing with food. The Rebel is an exceptionally crafted Irish ale that adds colour to any conversation.

Launched in 1998 Rebel Red was the top selling Exceptional Irish Red Ale in the market after 4 months in outlet activity delivering a huge sales uplift and winning a Gold Medal at the world beer award for Europe's Best Amber 2013.

Rebel Red is available on Draught and in a 330ml Can.

ABV 4.3%


A true son of Cork, the ‘Rebel County’, Rebel Red is proud to be different, to have its own opinion, its own unique taste. It’s always more interesting when you’re with the Rebel. Rebel Red is the ideal beer to introduce you to the world of Flavour, Character and Quality.


The malty dark flavours from Rebel Red complement big full-bodied flavoured ingredients, whilst the bitterness will cut through anything that has a sweet and savoury fusion, so we enjoy both profiles.

  • Serve: 6c

  • Complements: Rebel Red is perfect with BBQ & Sticky Ribs, magical with Smoked Cheese and real 100% Beef Burger

  • Ingredients: Irish Ale, Crystal Malt and Roast Barley


  • Appearance: Amber, Chestnut

  • Aroma: Light, Fruity, Caramel

  • Taste: Dark Fruits

  • Mouth feel: Light carbonation allows the balanced flavour to shine

  • Finish: Smooth, malty with a hint of sweetness

on it waiting for you at HORSE AND WIG.


A Huge Selection

We’ve turned alcohol into an art form with our popular CAMDEN Pale Ale. Ingredients of exceptional quality are masterfully poured by our expert mixologists to create a drink with unique and well-balanced flavors. Pair our CAMDEN Pale Ale with our Ham Egg & Chips and you’ll feel truly content.

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